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The Handbook

Your Road Map Is Here!

Thinking of taking the leap into starting your own private practice? Or maybe you've been dabbling with a part-time practice, but are considering going full-time. You're going to want to take this road map along the way with you.  


Starting a therapy business can be both exciting and overwhelming. And private practice is just that - private. Frankly, it can feel a bit lonely at times trying to piece it all together.


Best Practice will walk beside you and help you all along the way.  It is the ultimate guide to all of the logistical details of starting up and maintaining a thriving therapy practice. 

Written as a quick read for busy professionals, this manual will tell you everything you need to know to be up and running in no time. Get straight-forward answers to your questions like, "How do I register my business?" and "How do I create a website?" Template forms and lists will help you organize and focus. 

Download Appendices

If you have already purchased your eBook version of Best Practice, click here to access the downloadable appendices from the paperback version. All of the templates and lists you'll need are at your fingertips!

Here are some videos that give you a taste of the kind of helpful information in the book: 

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