Couples Counseling


Do you and your partner have the same fight over and over again? Do you feel distant and lonely in your relationship? Maybe you keep wishing your partner would change. It can feel like they just don’t understand you. You’ve probably tried to make changes on your own, but keep feeling disappointed by the results.


It’s time to bring in a neutral third party to help get you back on track. Remember when you couldn’t wait until the next time you got to see your partner? Let’s work together to reignite that bond. We can help you make your arguments more productive and less hurtful; how to express your needs effectively, and actually get them met.

Couples counseling may be covered by insurance in some cases. Discounted self-pay rates are available. 

 Get started revitalizing your relationship and reconnecting with your best friend. Paige Evans focuses on working with couples to strengthen and repair their relationships. Evening and weekend appointments are available for busy working couples. Schedule your initial session today at

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